Clean drinking water for Northern-Uganda: Industrial design project

In villages surrounding Gulu in Northern-Uganda, it rains approximately 4 to 5 months of the year. Surprisingly, there is very little clean drinking water accessible for the population of Northern-Uganda the rest of the year.


The project group “Let it Rain” is created by students from the department of product design at NTNU (Norway) Technical University of Delft( the Netherlands), MIT (USA) and Makerere (Uganda) who met at the Rethink Relief conference in 2011. The challenge was proposed by Caritas in Gulu.

The project group plans to travel to Uganda in fall 2012 and spend 24 weeks developing a user friendly concept that will make it possible for households to collect drinking water themselves. We are currently in the process of planning and identifying funding partners.

Please get in touch if you have any input or interest in this project!


About Brita Fladvad Nielsen

I'm a Postdoctoral researcher at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology. My focus is on Smart Energy Communities in urban settings as well as design of energy-devices for emergency settings and design for humanitarian markets, especially for refugee camps in rural areas of Africa. I blog about my research approach Design Thinking on and about humanitarian design at . I am also a mother of a child who is deaf, and I blog about her language development on
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